Édouard Philippe, Olivier Véran and Agnès Buzyn focused on a legal investigation

Among the dozens of complaints filed against the government for dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, nine will provide legal information. They address current Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, former Health Minister Agnès Buzyn and his successor Olivier Véran.

Édouard Philippe, Olivier Véran and Agnès Buzyn worried about dealing with the Covid-19 crisis? Legal information will be opened before the Republican Court (CJR), which was announced, Friday, July 3, the Cassation Court Attorney, François Molins.

The Complaints Commission, which consists of higher magistrates and acts as a filter, has indeed found admissible nine complaints against the three former ministers. Under the procedure, François Molins is required to refer the matter to the CJR’s Investigative Committee, which will act as an investigating judge and lead the investigations.

A total of 90 complaints have so far been received by the CJR, the only body that has the power to examine the members of the government to exercise their functions, and 53 of them have been examined.

Among them, 34 were disallowed because they did not address a government member or because the complainant had no interest in taking action. Ten others, particularly focused on former Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet, Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian or Interior Christophe Castaner, were classified without further action.

“Refrain from fighting a disaster”

The nine remaining were joined for referral by the Investigation Commission for the sole head of “abstinence from fighting a disaster” against Agnès Buzyn, Édouard Philippe and Olivier Véran, according to the prosecutor’s press release.

The first occupied the post of Minister of Health until mid-February, before leaving to seek the mayor’s office in Paris. The last two were part of the government, which resigned on Friday morning.

Complaints to the CJR began to be filed a few days after the containment began in mid-March. They come from individuals, doctors, associations or even prisoners.

The head of state, Emmanuel Macron, is himself criminally irresponsible for actions performed in the performance of his duties.

The complainants complained, where appropriate, of “endangering the lives of others”, “murder”, “failure to help a person in danger” or failure to take timely action to contain the pandemic.

The latter has so far caused nearly 30,000 deaths in France.

With AFP