Édouard Philippe “passes the torch” to Jean Castex

After three years as head of government, Édouard Philippe received Jean Castex in Matignon, Friday afternoon, for traditional power transfer. He declared himself “very happy” to “pass the torch”.

Jean Castex, appointed a few hours before Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron’s, arrived on Friday, July 3 afternoon, at the Matignon Hotel for surrender with Édouard Philippe.

In front of a compact crowd of collaborators, they did not shake men’s hands because of the barrier gestures intended to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

After a private interview, Edouard Philippe declared himself “very happy” to “send the torch” to Jean Castex whom he wished “very sincerely” much success and success.

“Open mind and firm hand”

“I am very pleased to welcome you to this hotel in Matignon and transfer the torch to you,” he told the new Prime Minister during the traditional handover ceremony.

Édouard Philippe stressed that his successor had a good knowledge of the country, a sincere connection to the state and political sense, and said he had “no doubt” that Jean Castex “will make the right decision”.

France, he continued with his successor, needs an open mind and a firm hand, “and I think you have this open mind and this firm hand”.

General political speech “in the middle of next week”

Jean Castex welcomed the constant concern of his predecessor Edouard Philippe to protect the French in the Covid-19 health crisis. “The three years you spent here in Matignon leading government action will undoubtedly remain marked in our country’s history,” explained Jean Castex during the surrender.

Jean Castex mentioned that he praised his predecessor’s record in terms of economic growth, investment, the fight against unemployment or even a reduction in taxation. “the courage, the clarity, the vision and the elegance” of what the government has been directing since the beginning of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term.

On TF1, Friday night, the new prime minister announced that he wanted his government to work hard as soon as possible, indicating he wanted to hold his general political speech “in the middle of next week”.

Jean Castex’s first project in Matignon will be “the country’s recovery plan, reconstruction by investing in future sectors”, especially ecology. “Ecology, he insisted, is not an option, it has entered everyone’s mind, it exceeds the political class.”

With Reuters