Eternity is required against French jihadist Tyler Vilus for crimes in Syria

On the last day of his trial in Paris, the Attorney General claimed life imprisonment with the maximum penalty of 22 years of security for Tyler Vilus, a French jihadist, important member of the OEI and “warlord”, for his crimes in Syria.

“When you spread the smoke curtains around Tyler Vilus, you just look like corpses. It’s up to you to end this carnage,” the indictment launched in court on Thursday, July 2, before asking for life imprisonment against French jihadist Tyler Vilus, “emir “from the Organization of the Islamic State (OIS), for crimes committed in Syria from 2013 to 2015.

Attorney General Michelin Guillaume Michelin asked the Paris Assize Court to do this sentence subject to the maximum security period, “which is only 22 years, unfortunately”, before a dangerous man who “has not changed an iota.”

Tyler Vilus is one of the first of his generation to reach Syria for a first stay in late 2012, and one of the rare individuals still alive to have returned.

“Warchief” in Aleppo

“Opening the Vilus file means opening the directory of French-speaking jihadist personalities. He knows almost all of them,” added Attorney General, before listing the names of Omar Diaby and Mourad Fares, a recruiter from a huge sector, of Rodrigue Quenum, photographed with a freshly cut head in his hair, his “brother” Rached Riahi, a member of the so-called Cannes-Torcy sector, probably died in Syria and especially in the team for the attacks on November 13, 2015.

For the Attorney General, he is “a warlord”: posted in March 2013 in Hraytan, on the outskirts of Aleppo, he participates in the head of a group of French-speaking combatants in “cleaning operations” and is “praised for its deadly effectiveness”.

Tyler Vilus announced his promotion in the summer to his mother – himself sentenced to ten years in prison for her trips to Syria with her son and for financing terrorism. “Besides being a police officer, I became an emir of a group of French people.”

Member of “unit responsible for sanction”

From 2014 he established himself as an “Islamic police” in Shaddadi in the east. It is shown in a video released in 2015 by the OEI’s media office: two former prisoners were shot in the head. Discovered face, equipped with a walkie-talkie and an automatic pistol, Tyler Vilus stands on the same line as the fine.

The accused, who faces life in prison for this crime, said he was there by chance, “at the end of the mosque”. A defense was swept by the prosecution, for which Tyler Vilus has only performed his functions.

“He is part of the unit responsible for inflicting penalties. It is perfectly logical that he is in a place of execution: it is his job as a police officer,” according to the attorney general.

Like the Internal Security Directorate-General (DGSI) and the investigating judge, Guillaume Michelin does not believe that Tyler Vilus has given up his deadly projects. And if there is no evidence to link him to the attacks on November 13, 2015, he believes the accused returned to France to “strike,” as he told Abdelhamid Abaaoud, coordinator of the Paris attacks following his arrest in Turkey on July 2 , 2015.

After holding his phone for a few days, he writes: “his change is nothing. When I go out jagis (sic)” – and will tell investigators that he wanted to see the OEI to reach Mauritania, via Prague. A scenario contradicted by his messages to his “brother” Rached Riahi, who remained in Syria, to which he expressed his fear of promise of death as a martyr, according to the indictment.

The influence of Tyler Vilus on his fellow prisoners in prison

“If he had had to take part in these attacks, he would have been one of the responsible or responsible,” the lawyer hammed, demanding extreme vigilance against a charismatic terrorist, who is exercising “a flattering grip” on those approaching. him and remained “an emir”.

Tyler Vilus is described as a calm person who always exerts an aura around him. Behind bars he even graduated in psychology. “In prison, he lures his fellow prisoners with him, but also some members of the prison administration,” said the attorney general, according to Karim Hakiki, France, 24 special envoys at the trial.

The verdict is expected in the evening, following the defense’s submissions.

With AFP