new start for the climate convention?

While several ministers have sent mediocre signals to the Citizen Convention on Climate, by dismissing all week, some of their proposals, they hope 150 that the new prime minister will be able to set a new course.

This is a quick announcement. Although it has been floating in the air for several days, the formalization of the departure of Edouard Philippe, replaced by Jean Castex, on Friday, June 3, and the departure of the government is a fresh start on the proposals of the 150 members of the Citizens’ Convention on Climate. Since Emmanuel Macron’s speech, Monday, June 29, promising to pass 146 of the 149 of these proposals, several ministers have sent worrying signals to the convention throughout the week.

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On the day after receiving the Elysée for members of the climate convention, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said he was “reserved” about the ban on advertising for the most polluting products, a measure proposed by 150 targets in particular SUVs. “Let’s open the debate on the subject. What I am for is total transparency, that we inform the consumer,” he assured on the antenna to BFM TV.

And in the same interview he also said no to the VAT on train tickets by 10% to 5.5%. “I am not in favor of any VAT. Reducing VAT is a tax expense that is very heavy for the state,” he said. Do we prefer to lower VAT to encourage people to take the train or do we use this money to develop rail lines? “

New disappointment for the 150 citizens during questions to the government, Tuesday, June 30, where Finance Secretary Agnès Pannier-Runacher confirmed that France would continue the development of 5G in its territory. “Yes, we will launch the 5G auction [pour attribuer les premières fréquences]”, replied the minister, questioned in the National Assembly by Deputy François Ruffin (LFI).

The final report of the Climate Convention, however, suggested “following the development of digital technology to reduce its environmental impact” and asked for the establishment of “a moratorium on the implementation of 5G pending the results of the 5G health and climate assessment”, ongoing by National Health Security Agency (ANSES). The latter noted in January the lack of scientific information on the subject and is due to issue its final report in 2021.

“We will pay attention to the position of future ministers”

“All of these announcements do not match the commitment we heard from the President of the Republic, so we wondered if there were actually other jokers,” admits Grégoire Fraty, one of the 150 members of the climate convention, contacted by France 24, citing the three “jokers” “as Emmanuel Macron has agreed.

“We do not understand that things are put aside even before the smallest discussion and the least preliminary work. This way of doing things does not respect the words of the president,” he added.

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Like Grégoire Fraty, several members of the climate convention expressed themselves on social networks to express their displeasure, reminding Emmanuel Macron that he had promised them to use a “right to warn”. “We wonder about the topics that some ministers have already set aside when the promised work and meetings have not yet begun. We will therefore be vigilant that no other” joker “is used without consultation or dialogue,” the association Les 150 said in a press release published on 1your July.

With Jean Castex’s arrival replacing Edouard Philippe and the appointment of new ministers, the climate convention can hope for a new team that is more favorable to its proposals, or at least, that will offer its members a real dialogue, in accordance with the promises of Emmanuel Macron .

Just hours after the surrender, the new prime minister insisted on the ecology’s priority. “It is not an option, it has gone into everyone’s mind, it exceeds the political class,” Jean Castex insisted. Now, how can I reinforce? That is the essence of the priorities that the President of the Republic instructed me to implement.

For Grégoire Fraty: “Everything depends on the direction that will be given. Regardless of the identity of the new prime minister, what is important is the dialogue that will start or not with the new team. What is certain is that we will pay attention to the position of future ministers. “