PSG, Icardi: “Cavani? The kind of person still missing”

The Argentine striker returns to Le Parisien at the departure of Edinson Cavani, the top scorer in PSG history (200 goals).

The competition between Mauro Icardi and Edinson Cavani is over in Paris. With the departure of the Matador, at the end of the contract, the Argentine will end the season in a completely different position. And even though he was his main rival in sports, Icardi admits he will miss PSG’s top scorer. “Of course, he insures Paris. With Edi, we have a good relationship on and off the field. He is an amazing man. He is the person who is always missing. “

During the last meetings before the containment, Thomas Tuchel had preferred Cavani to Icardi to occupy the front of the attack. A choice accepted by the former Interiste was definitely recruited by Paris this summer: “The coach is paid for it. Not to account for my personality. If he judges that a player is better for this or that match, it is his choice that must be respected.” Icardi assures in passing that he has not talked to the leaders to recover n ° 9 carried by Cavani so far.

“Upon my arrival, my decision was final”

Mauro Icardi, who is the author of 20 goals in 31 games for his first season in Paris Saint-Germain, has therefore chosen to stay in the French capital. He explains that despite the rumors that sent him to Juventus or Naples, he had no plans to return to Italy. “No, no. I’m fine in Paris, he says. I returned to Italy during the holidays and I spent containment there with my family. I stay close, barely an hour by air. And now my family is completely resident in Paris. “

“As soon as I came from Italy in Paris, my decision was final. The call option could only be exercised this season. But for me, everything was final since last season. (…) When the option to buy became a real opportunity, we discussed it with the leaders, with Leonardo. We evaluated this decision with my family and we all decided to stay. Leonardo then confirmed to me that the option was utilized. It was easy to sign. “

To connect its services until June 30, 2024, PSG would have spent EUR 50 million on which can be added 8 million bonus.