teenage emotion motif found in jet engine

Filmed on the tarmac at Mayan Mayan Airport in Brazzaville on June 30, an amateur video shows a child embedded in the jet engine arrested by police. Internet users, saddened by the scene, concluded that the child was trying to reach Europe without taking into account the danger in his act, a version that was not confirmed by a Brazzaville gendarme.

The photos were filmed by an employee at Maya Maya Airport in Brazzaville on Tuesday, June 30. In the video, which was filmed when he was arrested, the young boy is found by the police in the jet engine in a private jet.

We hear a witness exclaim, “You wanted to go to France? But you can’t go to France …” when the teenager is asked to take off the aircraft’s wing.

The video, which was passed on June 30 at the end of the day on several Congolese Facebook pages, attracted many reactions. “Despair can force someone to commit an act that is beyond comprehension” is moved by one user, while another comments: “all this to escape his misery, finally that this challenges the authorities in place” refers to the difficulties of the Congolese economy, was severely affected by the Covid-19 health crisis.

Third intrusion of the young man on the tarmac at Brazzaville Airport

In another video, which the editor of the Observateurs de France 24 could hear, a gendarme explains the circumstances of the arrest of the young man, aged 15, by stating that it is not his first. trial. It details:

This young boy is a repeat offender in the reserved area at the airport. The first time we arrested him, he returned from the collectors [d’eaux usées, NDLR] […]. He denied it for the hierarchy and showed signs of dementia. On the instructions of our managers, he was released, the second time he returned with the same violation on the collectors’ side and passed through the new presidential pavilion. […] It was so far to get into the reactor on an Equajet flight. He was still arrested, but because he was still showing signs of dementia we were careful and released him

In a second video, a gendarme holds the young teen in his arm and explains that this is the third time he has been found on the tarmac at Brazzaville Airport.

The gendarme then explains that the young man was again introduced by the wastewater collectors on June 30, and that this time he was placed in police custody “in the Maya Maya prisons for the needs of the investigation.” He specifies the name and age of the young man but claims he has no further information, especially about his intentions.

Contacted by the editors of the French 24 observers, Eric Benda, the commander of the air transport group’s gendarmerie, refused to provide more information. No information on the exact destination of the jet could be independently confirmed.

Many dramas with young Africans trying to reach Europe by hiding in aircraft have recently received the headlines: July 2 a man was found in a garden in London after falling 1000 meters from the landing gear in a Kenya Airways plane. In January, it was an Ivorian teenager who had been found dead in Roissy in the landing gear on an Air France plane.