The United States surpasses the world record for new daily cases

The Covid-19 epidemic continues to hit the American continent hard. A new pollution record was registered in the United States on Thursday, with 55,274 new cases of pollution in a single day. Wearing a mask continues to be the subject of debate.

The first world power became the most mournful country on the planet on Thursday, July 2 with 128,677 deaths linked to Covid-19, according to Johns Hopkins University. In the case of pollution, they are passing the 55,000 new discoveries in a single day in the United States, according to a report by Reuters in the official database. It is the most important daily report of cases of coronavirus reported worldwide since the pandemic began.

An outbreak of new infections has been reported over the past week across the country, shining a spotlight on President Donald Trump’s handling of the health crisis and prompting governors to shut down or backtrack in their decontinent plans.

According to data collected on Thursday evening, 55,274 new cases of pollution were identified in the United States, which exceeded the daily world record set by Brazil on June 19 (54,771 cases). Despite the increase, Donald Trump praised the quality of the country’s coronavirus screening campaign and attributed the increase in cases to it.

California, Florida and Texas: outbreak of Covid-19 cases

“There is an increase in cases of coronavirus because our tests are massive and excellent, much better than in any other country,” the White House tenant said on Twitter. “This is good news and even better, the death rate drops,” the head of state added.

New infections have increased in 37 of the 50 US states, including Florida, which have reported more than 10,000 confirmed cases over the past 24 hours.

Just two weeks ago, an average of 22,000 new cases were reported daily in the United States. According to an analysis of Reuters official data, the number of pollution cases more than doubled in June in fourteen US states, including California, Florida and Texas.

Wear a mask: a political issue

Anthony Fauci, a leading national expert on infectious diseases, warned this week that the number of new daily cases could reach the 100,000 threshold if no action was taken at the national level to curb the spread of the virus.

The governor of Texas, where nearly 8,000 additional cases have been reported, made a turn on Thursday by ordering the wearing of the mask in the public space.

In California, bars, restaurants and movie theaters have been forced to close their doors.

US Vice President Mike Pence has said he and Donald Trump support some governors’ decision to cancel the termination, but added that he does not see the need for a federal mask directive.

Making it mandatory to wear a mask is not an easy task in the United States, where this attribute or its absence has often become a political sign. Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters rarely wear them. Others invoke their individual freedom. A security guard was even shot to ask a customer to cover his face before entering a store.

Social networks Facebook and Twitter have said they will recommend their American users to wear the mask.

With AFP and Reuters