After hours of negotiations, Michèle Rubirola was elected mayor of Marseille

At the end of a crazy week, the mayor of Marseille finally elected a new mayor, in a tense atmosphere characterized by tough negotiations around ex-PS Senator Samia Ghali and the elected RN’s theater departure from the very first minutes of the session. Michèle Rubirola, leader of the left group and environmental activists, succeeds Jean-Claude Gaudin.

We had to wait several hours before we learned the name of the new Marseille news. Michèle Rubirola, leader of the left group and environmental activists in the spring of Marseilles, was finally elected by the municipal council after hard negotiations. At 63, this doctor who worked in the lower-income neighborhood, an environmental activist from the beginning, won 51 votes to 41 for Republican Vice Guy Teissier in the second vote.

“I am relieved to see that Marseille’s people have been respected,” she said, very moved shortly after her election.

Le Printemps marseillais, a union long considered unlikely by the leftist forces in France’s second largest city, had reached the top in the second round of the municipal election with 38% of the vote, the Republican camp, led by Martine Vassal, only lost 30%. the election system in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, where the election of mayor is played by sector, Michèle Rubirola was not guaranteed to take the head of the city.

The ecologist promised to “narrow the territorial divide”, in a city divided between very poor neighborhoods and rich neighborhoods. “This project is about a greener, fairer and more democratic city,” she said.

In the first vote of the first municipal council that appointed the successor to Jean-Claude Gaudin, Michèle Rubirolaa fills with his votes, with 42 votes, just like Guy Teissier, 41. With nine elected representatives, the former PS Senator for the northern neighborhood of Samia Ghali opposed only eight newsletters. An empty vote was counted.

Therefore, with the departure of the nine elected representatives for the National Rally, whose leader Stéphane Ravier did not eventually enter the battle, there remained only 92 elected out of 101 in the half cycle, an absolute majority necessary with 46 votes, taking into account white course documents. This course had not been reached by any candidate, a second vote must be organized, always with an absolute majority of the votes cast.

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Samia Ghali’s withdrawal

But by the middle of the day, this second vote had still not taken place: the first vote was followed by a break in the session, which Samia Ghali requested and Printemps marseillais, which lasted for more than two and a half hours and during which negotiations took place behind the scenes .

Senator Samia Ghali finally decided to withdraw her candidacy in favor of Michèle Rubirola. “I decided not to present my candidacy and to support Michèle Rubirola,” she said at the resumption of the meeting. This last-minute support ended this election saga with twists and turns.

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