Catalonia limits about 200,000 people west of Barcelona

Catalonia’s president, independent Quim Torra, announced on Saturday the closure of an area around Lleida in northeastern Spain, following the multiplication of cases of infectiousness of the new coronavirus.

About 200,000 Spaniards again under protection. Catalonia on Saturday, July 4, ordered the containment of an area around Lleida in northeastern Spain due to the multiplication of cases of infectiousness of the new coronavirus. Containment officially began at noon, entry and exit from this area is now limited.

“We have decided to limit the Segria area (around the city of Lleida, 150 km west of Barcelona), based on data confirming a very significant increase in the number of contaminants of Covid-19,” said the press president of the region, the independent Quim Torra .

The regional health minister, Alba Verges, made it clear that meetings with more than ten people were banned and visits to retirement homes were canceled.

17 dead in 24 hours

Spain recorded 17 coronavirus deaths on a day on Friday, according to the Ministry of Health, the highest daily number of deaths since June 19.

Only five deaths were reported on Thursday. And the chief epidemiologist at the Ministry of Health, Fernando Simon, then pointed out that only 24 deaths had been recorded in the last seven days.

These figures fell as many Spaniards went on holiday and while Spain opened its borders on Saturday to citizens of 12 new countries, according to European Union recommendations.

Spain had already opened its borders on 21 June for EU and Schengen citizens as well as for the British.

To manage the influx of visitors, the Ministry of Health said on Friday that new reinforcements had been deployed at airports in Spain to “check the arrival of travelers”. They take the temperature of the arrivals and collect their personal information so that they can be contacted during screening.

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