Jean Castex is working hard to form a new government

Following the surrender of power in Matignon, the new prime minister Jean Castex said Friday in the hope of announcing his government formation before Monday and holding his general political speech “in the middle of next week”.

Jean Castex says he measures the immensity of the task ahead. Appointed Friday to succeed Edouard Philippe, the new prime minister said on Friday, July 3, that he wanted to “move quickly to appoint the government as quickly as possible”. When asked about TF1 to find out if the announcement could come before Monday, he replied: “We will do everything for it.”

“We are already working on it, I would like to hold my general policy speech in the middle of next week.” The first project of this 55-year-old monarch, a civil engineer, will be “the country’s recovery plan, reconstruction by investing in future sectors”, in particular ecology.

“Ecology, he insisted, is not an option, it has entered everyone’s mind, it exceeds the political class.” “How to strengthen? That’s the essence of the priorities that the President of the Republic asked me to implement.”

First outing in a “symbolic” company

As for the economic recovery plan, it is “in the process of being prepared” and will “be presented very quickly”. It will be based on “targeted choices that allow reconstruction, gaining economic sovereignty, having a more economical France from an environmental point of view,” says Jean Castex.

For its first official edition, the new Prime Minister went to the X-FAB France Group’s semiconductor research and production site in Essonne on Saturday afternoon, a company “very symbolic” of its goals.

Arrived at about 15.45 on the site, he exchanged with managers and employees of this company located in three municipalities (Corbeil-Essonnes, Le Coudray-Montceaux and Ormoy) and visited the production chain. X-FAB is an “industrial company” “very symbolic of the current situation and our goals”, he explained, because it was “affected by the health crisis” and that it is “extremely exposed to international competition”.

“I’m here to look for results”

In a press release published by Prades municipality, a small town in Pyrénées-Orientales that he has been mayor since 2008, Jean Castex said he measured “the immensity of the task awaiting him”.

On Twitter, the new tenant of Matignon clarified his method: “Before giving the solutions, I would like us to discuss it with the nation, with the social partners, in the territories. We will involve them as much as possible in research solutions for a new social pact . “

As for his style of government, the successor to Edouard Philippe, who presents himself as a “social Gaullist” and as a “local politician rooted in (his) territory”, indicated that he was not here “to seek the light.” “I’m here to look for results.”

With AFP and Reuters