Protesters from Hong Kong get a kick out of new Chinese restrictions

The image of this young woman has circulated in large. She was retweeted several thousand times.

In an interview with activist media Stand News, the young protester from China, explained his gesture:

I was inspired by a joke I had heard about the Soviet Union: someone had started distributing brochures on Red Square, a police officer had come to this person and discovered that he was actually distributing sheets of white. Anyway, the police still arrested her. “You really think I don’t know what you mean,” he yelled. With the law [pour la sécurité nationale], I suddenly wanted to see if this absurd joke had become a reality.

I don’t want to go back to a way we can’t go to Google, I saw a bigger world [à Hong Kong, NDLR] and when I remember my past life, in a cage, I tell myself what it is good. I’m not necessarily campaigning for Hong Kong independence, which seems hard to get, but I hope it stays apart, neutral and peaceful like Switzerland.

Many restaurants in the “yellow economic circle”, a group of merchants who support the pro-democracy movement, have removed partisan posters from their stores of fear of reprisals. But some have replaced them with flashes of movement and its visual identity.READ ABOUT OBSERVATION >> Hong Kong: Security team wins self-censorship Pro-Democracy Movement

The No Boundary restaurant in the Causeway Bay district thus covered the walls of its post-it room with small pieces of colored self-adhesive paper. They are virgins, while they are usually covered by political slogans.

In his Facebook post, the restaurant wrote, “It wasn’t what was written to Lennon Wall that mattered.” A reference to Lennon Wall, part of the stairs leading to the building housing the central government of Hong Kong, on which protesters and activists had pasted thousands of political posters, drawings, photos and post-it notes demanding more democracy.

In the North Point district, Villa Villa Bar & Cafe also had these blank post-it notes, this time at its store.

After a police visit, the chiefs arranged sticky notes in the shape of a finger of honor.