a national holiday marked by the disagreement of Americans

Neither the fireworks to celebrate National Day nor the speech of US President Donald Trump – with the campaign meetings – were not enough to forget a divided America. At the same time, a few meters from the White House, a peaceful demonstration of racial equality was conducted.

In Washington, American National Day failed to mask the country’s discord. “An air parade, a minimalist military parade in the gardens of the White House and a handful of parachutists in the sky of Washington. Only the fireworks reminded Washington residents that the country was celebrating July 4,” concludes Matthew Mabin, Washington correspondent for France 24. “Donald Trump’s speech will also come not to have masked the gloomy mood “, marked by the revival of Covid-19 and the demonstrations against racism.

“Only the fireworks reminded Washington residents that the country was celebrating July 4”

“We defeat the radical left”

In his speech, Donald Trump, far from advocating national reconciliation, accused the “radical” protesters of wanting to “erase” American history. “We defeat the radical left, the Marxists, the anarchists, the agitators and the looters,” he said.

He thus responded to anti-racist protesters, who have demanded more than a month of racial equality in the country. They marched a short distance from the White House and watered insults at an activist with a sign supporting Donald Trump. Then they proceeded to the “Black Live Matter Plaza”, a stretch of street that had become the center of protest in the US capital.

To avoid collisions, an impressive police device was installed around the presidential election, which looks like an entrenched camp.

“Our strategy works well” to stop Covid

The billionaire also attacked virulent China, leaving the new corona virus, confirming it would be “responsible.” Despite the message he has hammered on for several days, Donald Trump once again underscored the importance of the spectacular increase in the number of Covid-19 cases that troubled health authorities.

“Our strategy works well,” he said, hampering his belief that treatment and / or a vaccine would probably be available “well before the end of the year.” A few hours earlier, Florida had announced a new Covid-19 fall record of 11,458 over the past 24 hours

The president also attacked the media “who falsely accuse their opponents of being racist”. “The more you lie, the more you slander (…) the more we will work to tell the truth, and we will win,” he said four months before the presidential election.

In Baltimore, a statue of Christopher Columbus twisted

A controversial statue of Christopher Columbus was demolished by protesters in Baltimore following a national call to merge Confederate monuments and statues of other controversial historical figures.

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