a report to firefighters’ vitriol condemns the management of the crisis

The firefighters’ union condemned in a report to vitriol, revealed Saturday by Le Parisien, the management of eponymous coronavirus. The document for the Interior Ministry “is not finalized and should not be leaked in the press,” said the Federation’s vice president.

An outdated health care administration, prefers “relocated to the background”, a saturated emergency number: The National Association of Firefighters condemns in a report to vitriol deal with the coronavirus epidemic.

Revealed Saturday July 4th by Le Parisien, this document intended for the Interior Ministry “is not finalized and should not leak in the press,” lamented with AFP Colonel Hugues Deregnaucourt, Federation Vice President.

However, the organization, which represents the 247,000 firefighters in France, adopts the criticism expressed in this particularly frightening document against the Ministry of Health and its Regional Health Organization (ARS).

“The prefects have been blind for a long time, no information was sent by ARS territorial delegates,” said Hugues Deregnaucourt.

“Crisis management is a job, we do not hand it over to administrative and financial directors,” he said, assuring us that in many departments we really paid attention to not using firefighters.

“Stopping strategic decisions”

The management of the epidemic is limited by the report, which condemns a “crisis (…) for communication leadership” according to Le Parisien. “To be effective, dealing with a major crisis must mobilize a single director, a single operator manager and technical advisors,” the document says.

In the future, “Why not create a civil protection ministry, as some countries do?”, Asks Hugues Deregnaucourt.

According to the report, “the role of crisis commander has been given technical advisers”, which has caused “silos in the administrations, a blurry strategic decision.”

In the controls, ARS had “accounting and financial management of the health system” and was “not at all prepared for emergency management. They seemed to be monopolized by the management of the number of hospital-intensive care sites and by the statistical feedback,” the federation writes.

Without a dialogue with ARS, “the prefects have moved to the background” according to the document. As a result, “Ehpad’s forgetfulness, which only leaves the local authorities facing the number of deaths in the number of our elderly”.

The report also estimates that the hundreds of evacuations of patients in TGV or in helicopters, thought in hospitals, were “pure communication operations” and a “real mistake”. “Was it effective to get the victims to walk hundreds of miles when there was often room in the clinic opposite?”, Quotes Le Parisien.

The document also condemns the 15th saturation, which is regulated by Samu, with waiting times of about forty minutes in some regions.

With AFP