Édouard Philippe finds his place as mayor of Le Havre

Former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe was unsurprisingly elected mayor of Le Havre on Sunday morning with 47 votes out of 59 at the first meeting of the new municipal council.

Édouard Philippe returns to Le Havre. The former prime minister was elected without surprise to the City Hall on Sunday, July 5 with 47 votes out of 59 during the first meeting of the new municipal council. His list had won during the second round of the municipal elections last Sunday, with 58.93% of the votes in this port city with 170,000 inhabitants, of which Édouard Philippea was already mayor from 2010 to 2017.

The election on June 28 was marked, as in many cities, by a high percentage of 58%.

The new mayor was hailed by council members as well as by the public who were present in the room, of which Minister of Action and Public Accounts, Gérald Darmanin, was himself re-elected mayor of his city of Tourcoing on May 23.

Calm and happy

The new councilor in Le Havre first observed a minute of silence in memory of two politicians from the region who have disappeared in recent months.

Before giving his first speech, Édouard Philippe wanted all the assistants to be appointed.

The former head of government seemed calm and happy. If there is a “relief” for Edouard Philippe, it is a “physical relief, more than a relief of spirit: three years at the bottom, it is exhausting,” commented his friend, Member Gilles Boyer, who came to “participate in this beautiful moment “.

With AFP