Jean Castex wants to “act fast”

In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche, Jean Castex demands to “initiate economic, ecological and social recovery”. The new prime minister made his first trip to a production site in Corbeil-Essonnes, in the Paris region, on Saturday.

“The government must be effective”. In the columns of the Sunday Journal from July 5, the new tenant of Matignon Jean Castex gave himself up with his goals and his method. “We are working hard,” he said to form a new government. The announcement should wait until the beginning of the week.

Regarding the composition of the ministerial team, “it is not a casting, it is a political choice and it must meet a skills requirement,” he said before adding: “What is important is the way the ministers work: to be able to, no matter where you come from , take action immediately. “

Because the prime minister intends to “act quickly”. He intends to “embark on an economic, ecological and social recovery” and says he wants to “end” Ségur de la Santé “next week”. Another question on Matignon’s table: pension reform. “I would like to resume dialogue with the social partners,” he added.

“They want results too”

Anyone who defines himself as “a social goldist” defends himself from all “political crimes with what has been done”. According to him, the Covid-19 epidemic changed the situation, causing France to face two challenges, namely the health crisis that is “not over” as well as the rebuilding of our economy and the protection of the French. “We have to show that we know how to do it. And that obviously means developing the method,” he argued.

At this point Jean Castex is focusing on “dialogue, mobilization of all”. “Our citizens do not appreciate the political positions, me either – a fortiori in the difficulties we are going through. They want results above all, me too.” The day after the appointment, Jean Castex made his first trip to Corbeil-Essonnes on Saturday at the X-FAB group’s semiconductor research and production site.