Villarreal – Barça (1-4), Griezmann and Barça find the light

Thanks especially to a very good goal from Antoine Griezmann, Barça Villarreal had away (4-1). The Catalans resume hope.

Any results other than a success would have heard the death on Sunday of Barcelona’s illusions about the title. After surrendering too many points in the previous days until they found seven units from Real, the Catalan team had to win. She did. And by the way more (4-1). In Villarreal, she has regained much of her strength, starting with Antoine Griezmann.

Griezmann’s sublime lobe

Holders after starting the last two matches on the bench, the French international has not missed the opportunity offered him to revive. And also to silence the critics. In the lead he found teeth and also a good relationship with the duo Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. And it is no surprise that it has become crucial again.

Mâconnais intended to record his first goal since February last year from the 3rd minute, but an opposing defender beat him to fool his own goalkeeper. But it was just a launch. Shortly before half-time, he ended his long absence with a majestic lobby at the entrance to the surface. An impeccable gesture that already followed a treatment of Lionel Messi, with a heel as a crucial pass.

Messi more inspired as a ferry

Griezmann was not the only one to serve at Pulga caviars. This is also the case for Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan had secured the offense with a remarkable curled shot from the right, following a breakthrough from his Argentine teammate full-axle.

For his many caviars, Messi would have deserved to score a goal himself in this game. Unfortunately for him he was not painted. The judge refused one in the 70s. Then on the 92nd he encountered the opposite goalkeeper after a two with Sergi Roberto. Finally, just before the gong, one of his free kicks ended up on the cross.

Fortunately for Barça, the match was already to a large extent, especially since Ansu Fati had added a fourth goal in favor of his own. Barely in play, the Spanish international hoped for a low shot and became the author of the 9000th achievement in Blaugrana history. A beautiful symbolism, although the most important was the overall victory.