Bordeaux, Giresse regrets the change of logo

The former legend of Girondins de Bordeaux commented on the change in the club’s logo and deplored the lack of consultation with the elderly.

Girondins de Bordeaux makes the headlines in French football, but not for good reasons. The club is undergoing a financial and sporting crisis. In fact, between the changed logo recently unveiled, the club’s financially complicated situation and the announced departure of its coach, Paulo Sousa, disappointed with the direction from Girondins in Bordeaux, nothing goes well with France’s champion in 2009. Alain Giresse was invited to RMC Sport microphone and responded to the Girondins de Bordeaux logo. A choice he openly regretted in particular about how it happened and how the former players were used to achieve this change.

Bordeaux, Longuépée: “No risk of bankruptcy”

“Anger depends on the position one has. Currently there is a delicate financial situation, but all this is the result of the GACP having sealed the club by setting up all the sporting part, with the establishment of many coaches at various levels, plus player movements that do that the club today has financial problems. Then there’s the other part about how we treat the club, what it is, its image, its identity, it’s pretty sensitive “, lamented the man in 592 matches in the Girondins de Bordeaux jersey.

“The logo has opened for other markets”

“The logo has been changed to mark not Girondins, but Bordeaux. But today you are not talking to a Bordeaux player, you are talking to him about Girondins. What is unfortunate in this situation is also when I look at the presentation of the new logo, and the argument made about it, that the President, Frédéric Longuépée, announces that he exchanged in advance with supporters, former players “, Alain Giresse added.

Bordeaux “notes” Paulo Sousa’s initial requests

“Myself, along with other alumni, were invited to create a college of Girondin ambassadors, and we have never heard of a logo change in the future, although I” I had discussions with the president. There was no word on logo change, that’s curious enough. Especially to announce what, to announce Bordeaux, to duck in the region. But these are the Girondins that are rooted in the region. It is possible to open up to other markets“, concluded the former French international.

Alain Giresse does not turn around and does not understand this development: “We can understand the change of ownership, but you suddenly can’t change symbols, like the colors or the club’s name, which we have always defended. you did not invent ‘Madrid Real’ or ‘Turin Juventus’ … “