Coronavirus sick viticulture

The European Union is the world’s leading wine producer. Half of its member countries produce them. This week, Ici l’Europe takes you through the vineyards to take the pulse of the wine-growing sector, hard hit by the Covid-19 crisis. After the Trump tax, which had introduced a 25% increase in French wine duties last October, the pandemic has shaken up the profession, which has reached a delicate balance in recent years.

We went to meet French wineries in the four corners of France. The 47.7 million hectoliters produced during the recent harvest and have not found any buyers, some French producers will have to resort to private storage or crisis distillation – a heart injury for 5% of those pressed to recycle their production in hydroalcoholic gel. A national envelope of € 155 million and European support has been released. But will this make it possible for everyone to survive?

A report by Xavier CHEMISSEUR, photos by Stéphane BODENNE