D-day of the announcement by the government of Jean Castex

Jean Castex’s government will be revealed on Monday, the Élysée Palace announced. It should contain about twenty ministers.

D-day for casting Jean Castex. The Prime Minister is preparing to reveal the composition of the new government, Monday, July 6, an important step in Emmanuel Macron’s attempt to revive the economy and his five-year term.

After a weekend of speculation, the CEO hopes to have closed things “for Monday in the day,” AFP Elysee announced. “The government will be appointed tomorrow,” Jean Castex confirmed on Sunday night after having dinner with the head of state, stressing that the interior minister would be appointed “on a proposal”.

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In total, according to Elysee, the new team should count “twenty ministers and deputy ministers”. Edouard Philip’s former team consisted of 16 ministers, three deputy ministers and 17 secretaries of state.

Decided to speed up the pace to forget the municipality’s debacle and to deal with the crises of the coronavirus, the new executive couple should first notify the ministers, according to a relative of the president, then the secretaries of state a few days later.

A “mission and unite government”

If some current ministers, such as the Jean-Michel Blanquer education, were seen at the Élysée Palace, the head of state assured that there would be “new talents” and “personalities from” different horizons “.

And Emmanuel Macron reminded in tweets, on Sunday, the lines in the latter part of his quinquennium that a “mission and unifying government” will need to implement: “revitalizing the economy, continuing the rebuilding of our social and environmental protection, restoring a fair Republican order “or” defense of European sovereignty “.

Priorities that he should describe during a new intervention, probably televised by surrounding ones, on National Day on July 14, reviving a presidential tradition he had suppressed.

The prime minister, who had planned his statement on general policy before the Assembly in mid-week, will have to wait for the president’s speech to present his program “a few days later,” according to Emmanuel Macron’s entourage.

Surprising visit to a police station in La Courneuve

But on Sunday evening, the former Deputy Secretary General of the Elysee Palace under Nicolas Sarkozy set the tone in his priorities by visiting La Courneuve police in Seine-Saint-Denis. He insisted on assuring them of the government’s “flawless” support for the police and its connection to “public safety”, amid a controversy over police violence.

The day before, the former “Mister Deconfinement” had reserved his first official trip for a high-tech company to highlight the “two challenges” he intends to respond to: “the health crisis” and “the rebuilding of our economy and the protection of the French” with ” “relocation, sustainable maintenance of industrial jobs and vulnerable to international competition” in France.

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Jean Castex also says he wants “at least a new social agenda” and solve “the explosive pension issue” in the short term.

Reply from Philippe Martinez, director of CGT, at LCI on Sunday: “All unions today agree that pension reform is not a priority topic” ahead of the unemployment that is coming.

In the case of Ségur de la Santé, closed at the end of the week due to a lack of agreement with the unions before the changeover, the Prime Minister wants to end the “next week” when an envelope of seven billion euros is on the table for caregivers’ wages.

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