in Fezzan, the forgotten people from the civil war in Libya lack everything

The civil war that has divided Libya since 2014 has left the Fezzan region of the southern country, in the heart of Grand Sahara, forgotten. On social networks, residents regularly initiate calls for help to both sides of the conflict, the Government for National Understanding on the one hand, and the troops of Marshal Haftar on the other to warn them of their circumstances. miserable life. In the cities of Ghat and Oubari, our observers describe their daily lives.

The concentration of political and military forces, anyone who benefits from international support in the two major provinces of Cyrenaica and Tripoli has left Fezzan, the third major traditional province of Libya, on the outskirts. In this vast territory, covering 551,170 km², France, the residents regret the absence of important services such as medical services or firefighters, but also the lack of electricity, gas, fuel…. For them, there is no difference: the two governments that are contesting the country are responsible for the deterioration of their situation because the fighting they are holding is hindering the supply of the region.

In the video below, filmed on June 28, we hear a resident of the municipality of Tiwiwi, 175 miles from the city of Sebha considered the capital of the Fezzan region, complaining after being forced to extinguish him – even the fire that started in his house because he did not could call the firefighters.

“We urge the two governments (east and west), we want a fire truck, an ambulance, medicine, we want everything. Look at how we extinguish the fires. You forget the inhabitants of the south we have no sewage network, no liquidity, no electricity , no hospitals. “

In this publication dated June 20, this resident of the city of Ghat (1336 km southwest of Tripoli) complains about the almost total lack of domestic gas cylinders. He claims that a bottle of gas is being sold up to 300 dinars (or 180 euros) against 10 dinars (or 6.35 euros) in the north.

“You, in the north and east, you do not even know what is happening to us in the south … We buy the gas bottle of 300 dinars, and you, when its price has reached 10 dinars (or 6.35 euros), you rebelled … We buy liters of gasoline at 3 dinars and at home it costs only 0.15 dinars annoyed this surfer in this video which garnered nearly 40,000 views.