The loan was soon extended for Saliba on ASSE

ASSE and Arsenal are said to be about to agree that William Saliba’s loan will be extended by one month.

William Saliba, the young and talented French defender, would take charge of Arsenal in early July, with the end of his loan with the Greens of ASSE. Finally, his stay in Forez is well on its way until the end of July.

The leadership of Saint-Etienne hopes to retain this brilliant element until the final of the Coupe de France against PSG, scheduled for July 31. Negotiations have begun with Arsenal and they are on their way to success if we are to believe what reports the L’Equipe website.

As a reminder, Saliba is a pure ASSE product. He had been transferred to the Gunners last summer for a sum of € 29 million. By then, Saint-Etienne had managed to convince London officials to leave him the promising back for another year.

When it comes to Emirates Stadium, we are getting impatient when it comes to Saliba. For example, Mikel Arteta, head of the team, said he was worried about the many injuries that native Bondy suffered. “I look forward to working with him, but I am concerned about the expectations placed on him because I know how difficult it is to play as a central defender in this country. This is one of the most complicated positions here. The walk is really, really high. William had a very positive season last season, but he had a very difficult season with injuries “, the Spanish engineer dropped.