Dupond-Moretti and Darmanin, two nominations that go wrong with feminists

Many feminists reacted strongly on Monday evening to the appointments of Eric Dupond-Moretti to the Department of Justice and Gérald Darmanin to the Department of the Interior, the first of which was charged with sexist charges and the second one had a rape complaint under investigation.

Their appointment was a bombshell in feminist circles. From the announcement of the arrival of Eric Dupond-Moretti to the Ministry of Justice and Gérald Darmanin to the Ministry of the Interior on Monday, July 6, feminists expressed their concern over social networks.

“How can you imagine for a moment that the fight against gender-based and sexual violence is going on with an internal rapist and a masculine justiceist? This government is a shame,” tweeted the Network Feminism!

“Darmanin in the Interior. Dupond-Moretti in Justice. I feel that this is the big reason for the women’s quenary,” launched its page feminist activist Caroline de Haas, in the first of a dozen tweets that especially remember comments are considered sexist by Éric Dupond-Moretti.

Accused of rape, sexual harassment and breach of trust in 2009, Gérald Darmanin was dismissed in 2018, but in November 2019 the Cassation Court ordered a review of the validity of this decision. Since then, the Court of Appeal in Paris on June 11 asked to resume investigations. Gérald Darmanin, who was heard at the free hearing on February 12, 2018, confirmed that he had had sexual intercourse with the complainant, but according to him freely consented.

On Tuesday morning, about twenty feminist activists attempted to disrupt the transfer of power between Christophe Castaner and Gérald Darmanin, the Beauvau location. Coming with smoke bombs and signs “Darmanin in the Interior, you torch yourself with our complaints”, shouting “Darmanin resignation” and “Darmanin rapist”, they were stopped by the police who crossed the neighborhood.

“A big bang”

The famous lawyer fiercely opposed the creation of the crime of sexist contempt. Feminist associations also blame her his remarks at the trial of former Secretary of State and Mayor of Draveil, George Tron, charged with rape and sexual assault, but acquitted in November 2018. “It’s good and good for women’s voices to be released, but you’re preparing a curious way of life for future generations,” he said. European Association for Violence Against Women at Work (AVFT).

“What used to be a rake today is a crime”, “At 30 years you are not a potiche who can not say no to a man”, some women “regret that you did not whistle”: the many small sentences about the new Keeper of Seals was carefully removed from the archives Monday night on many tweets from activists or anonymous people.

These two appointments are “a wonderful blow that Emmanuel Macron launches to all those who have mobilized against sexual and gender-based violence”, also reacted to former Minister of Family and Socialist Senator Laurence Rossignol on Tuesday, July 7, at France info. “It’s a very big problem, because at least these two men have no commitment in these subjects,” she added.

However, Emmanuel Macron’s entourage on Monday night estimated that the rape charge against Gérald Darmanin “was not an obstacle” to his appointment as Secretary of the Interior.

Marlène Schiappa, who has so far carried the stated ambition of the Head of State to make equality the major cause of the women’s quenary, inherited the new citizen portfolio. Gérald Darmanin’s authority.