FC Barcelona, ​​Setien: “Of course we can win La Liga”

The FC Barcelona coach still believes in the title and has talked about the decisions and importance of the VAR.

Winner of Villarreal on Sunday night, FC Barcelona returned four points from Real Madrid at the top of La Liga. The Catalans, who took over the championship at the head of the rankings, now have to hope for at least two mistakes by Merengue to hope to be crowned champions in Spain, while winning all five of their last matches on their side. At a press conference, however, Quique Setien was optimistic and continues to believe in the title despite the delay in classification.

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“Of course we can win La Liga. Reality and math prove it. It’s not easy, but you have to have hope until the last day. You have to think about us and win every match, see that there is a progression. That all we do is Worth for the next race. Frenkie De Jong’s return? It would be perfect if he came back against Valladolid. Today he participated, but with a little “intensity. His emotions improve. Otherwise it will be for the next match “, said the Barça coach.

“Griezmann was good, but not because he played in the middle”

Quique Setien shared his president’s feeling about VAR: “VAR? It doesn’t seem bad to me to give someone their opinion. We can all do it with respect. I think the president has done it. There are situations we all think are weird about” using VAR. At the same action sometimes we see it sometimes and sometimes not. It is an extraordinary tool, but it is not used in a uniform way, and it is confusing. We must unite the criteria. “

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The Barça coach appreciated Griezmann’s performance against Villarreal, but refuses to put this in the tactical unit’s account: “In the past he had an extraordinary intervention, but I would not simply associate this achievement with the fact that he played more in the shoulder than on the side. He has the quality and ability to show his level. The other day, it was an unusual moment of inspiration from the three who played inside. We should also highlight the contribution of Sergi Roberto, which made them shine more easily“.

Quique Setien talked about the importance of the Espanyol derby: “The reality is this, all derbys have nothing to do with the dynamics of the teams and the classification. It’s about doing your best and focusing on winning in this game. It is a huge match for many players. There will be excitement. When it comes to sports, the situation for both is not the same, but there is always uncertainty. Everyone will do their best. “