PSG – In C1, Dante puts “a game on PSG and Bayern”

During an interview with Paris, Dante expressed his enthusiasm for Neymar and the upcoming C1 for PSG.

From 12 August, Paris Saint-Germain will face his fate in Portugal, where the long-awaited Champions League Final 8 will be held. Three games to win to become the second French club to lift the cup with big ears: City of Light believes that and Dante, the captain of Nice, too.

“It could be a good year for PSG. I put a coin on Paris and Bavaria. The qualification against Dortmund showed the resources for this team. Led by Neymar she has a good card to play”, responded the captain of Nice in Le Parisien, before paying tribute to his compatriot.

Dante at Neymar: “He radiates joy”

“Neymar, he has reached a milestone. With repeated injuries he has experienced things that are not simple, but he has a lot of personality and character. He has known how to make his own criticism to improve himself further and think collectively.”, Dante said first.

“You can also feel it in his more fluid relationships with his teammates. We have a truncated image of him. This boy is extraordinary,” the former Bavarian ex-regional newspaper said. He loves the game deeply. breathe joy. “ And he gives it especially to the supporters!