PSG, Leonardo firmly answers Juninho about Neymar

While the Lyon leader accused Neymar of joining PSG only for the money, Leonardo replied.

The Rhone director was investigated at the site of money in football in an interview with Guardian and took the chance to tackle Neymar hard

PSG, Juninho violently tackles Neymar: “He came for the money”

“Look at Neymar. He came to PSG just because of the money. PSG gave him everything, everything he wanted and now he wants to leave before the contract ends. But now it’s time to give back, to show gratitude. It’s an exchange. Neymar has to give all he can in the field to show total commitment, responsibility and leadership. The problem is that the order established in Brazil is a culture of greed. We always want more money. what we’ve learned, “said former Gones number 8.

Leonardo appreciated this excursion very little and told him very quickly: “I don’t understand why Aulas talks so much about PSG, and Juninho now talks about Paris and Neymar. It would be better to talk about their club. Don’t talk about the OL situation and I ask the OL not to talk about our players and our club, “the Parisian sports head thundered at the microphone at RMC Sport. The beginning of a war of words by the media?