TikTok cancels application in Hong Kong due to security regulations

The application popular with young TikTok plans to withdraw from the Hong Kong market soon after Beijing introduces new national security legislation in the former British colony.

Hong Kong residents will soon be deprived of the TikTok social network, which is very popular with young people, because of the latest national security legislation introduced by China, the company announced on Monday night.

“In light of the recent events, we have decided to stop operations in the TikTok application in Hong Kong,” said a spokesman for AFP.

The total shutdown will take a few days, according to TikTok, who must communicate with its users and advertisers.

Facebook, Google and Twitter

For their part, Facebook, Google and Twitter confirmed on Monday, July 6, that they no longer responded to requests for information about their users from the government and authorities in Hong Kong, out of respect for freedom of expression.

The four global platforms have said that their team is closely examining the controversial new law.

Hong Kong, a former British colony that was handed over to China in 1997, provided that certain freedoms are preserved, has unlimited Internet access, unlike China, where, for example, these three services are blocked.

But last week, the Chinese Parliament adopted Hong Kong’s national security legislation, paving the way for radical change and a potential authoritarian turn.

In the US seeker

TikTok, acclaimed by the youngest thanks to its light-tone videos, especially around humor, dance and music, had 800 million users in January worldwide (according to DataReportal).

The platform has often had to defend itself from its relations with China, where the parent company has a similar application, under a different name.

She has always refused to share information with the authorities and assured that she did not intend to accept such requests.

Not enough to convince US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said Monday night that the United States is considering banning Chinese applications on social media, including TikTok.

With AFP