Yaya Sanogo: “My results in Toulouse are not disgusting”

At the end of the contract with Toulouse, the French striker, who went through Arsenal, defended his record and hopes to bounce back in the coming weeks.

At the end of the contract with Toulouse, Yaya Sanogo is looking for a new project. The French striker, who went through Arsenal but whose career was damaged by injuries, did not intend to make old bones in Toulouse, all the more with the relegation of the club in Haute-Garonne. When he found out about his adventure in Toulouse in the columns of France’s football, Yaya Sanogo was quite happy with his three years at TFC.

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“I knew what team I was in. I needed to play, I wanted to regain the joy of playing. I had fewer problems. I had to do 70 games for 17-18 goals (16 exactly). The statistics are not great, but I could show my body that I am in shape, that I can play. I wanted to see it. I left overseas very young and came to Toulouse to make a case for me. To start on the right foot. During these three seasons Max must -Alain Gradel being top scorer, I’m the other one who has played many fewer matches. My record is not disgusting“said the former TFC striker.

“I have many suggestions”

Yaya Sanogo regretted not being able to finish the season and talking physically: “We would have liked to resume too … There are almost only us who haven’t resumed. This is the League’s decision … We can’t help it. We would have resumed later, but we all agreed to resume as well if the preparations would be a little longer and we would have finished a little later. At least, just at the classification level, it would have been clearer. Frozen on the 27th or 28th day, some teams could keep themselves, others could hope Champions League … Maintenance was almost impossible … Nothing is impossible! But, yes, it would be difficult. There were ten games left! Everything can happen “.

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“I am entertained, it was necessary, especially after three months of inactivity. We had to take things seriously. It has been six or seven weeks that I have been with a physical trainer. It goes pretty well. Now I wait for to log into my new club. Toulouse made an offer for an extension? No. It wasn’t my goal to continue. And the club didn’t come., added the French striker.

Yaya Sanogo talked about her plans for the future: “I had many suggestions and contacts. Many clubs came. My research is quite focused on the athlete. I wait for all major championships to end. It requires patience. Spartak? It might be an idea. It discusses. There are other clubs as well. There are Spartak, Dinamo also came in. Golf clubs, championship teams, two-three handshakes in France … I “France? It may interest me. But I’m open to everything. As soon as a good sports challenge presents itself to me, I will get there. ““.