AC Milan – After the victory at Juventus, Ibrahimovic shows

Scorer and winner against Juventus Tuesday night (4-2), Zlatan Ibrahimovic then secured the show via his statements to journalists.

Returning to AC Milan last January, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is about to win his game. On Tuesday night, the Swede made a penalty kick his 6th goal in 13 matches in all competitions and participated in the Milanese winner against Juvens Turin (4-2) at San Siro.

Scorer, the former player in Paris Saint-Germain or even FC Barcelona took the chance to secure the spectacle at the end of the meeting. Asked by DAZN, Zlatan Ibrahimovic simply did Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Between humor, pretension and arrogance … The attacker did the show.

“I am president, coach and player”

“I’m old, it’s no secret, but age is just a number. I work out well, I manage my rhythm and today I played more than against Lazio. I am good and I try to help the team in some way.”, said the goalkeeper, now 38.

Despite his advanced age, the player trained in Malmö remains a model of commitment according to him. “I’m president, coach and player, all of this together, but they only pay me for a role. If I had been there since day one, we would have won Scudetto”, he said with his legendary humility.

“There’s still a month to have fun and then things come that we can’t control. We do our job, we’re professionals. I’m happy to play but I’m sorry for the fans because it may have been the last time they could see me live. In what sense? Just read between the lines. The situation with empty stadiums is strange. It’s a shame to be without supporters. Today San Siro would have sold out, it would have been nice, they could have had fun with us., said the AC Milan striker. Zlatan Ibrahimovic did not have fun with the supporters and had fun with the journalists.