American football player signs history’s biggest sports deal

By signing his contract extension, Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback, winner of the last Superbowl, set a record in sports history and pledged 10 years for the sum of $ 450 million.

During his studies, Patrick Mahomes hesitated between a career in American football or in baseball. A few years later he did not regret this election. The football player, quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs team, has just signed history’s largest sports contract.

After winning the Super Bowl with his team last February, he renewed his 10-year contract for the record $ 450 million, according to the ESPN news site.

The amount exceeds $ 426.5 million from Los Angeles Angels (MLB) baseball player Mike Trout, who had signed up in March 2019 for 12 years.

The new contract is three times higher than the former Professional Football League (NFL) record, Matt Ryan, of the Atlanta Falcons, which had been extended by $ 150 million over five years in 2018.

“It was never a question of money”

But for the player, it’s not just a big money story. “This is what I’ve always tried to build: follow my passions and do things to the best of my ability,” he said Tuesday, July 7. “It was never a matter of money. I’m glad we signed this contract. I can move on and I will remain the same player and person I have always been.”

Patrick Mahomes, a Texas native, just 24 years old, already holds the title of best player in the NFL Professional Football League (2018), a Super Bowl, won on the wire against the San Francisco 49ers (31-20) and an MVP title for it here’s the final. The NFL and the public were seduced by his very spectacular style, which blends exceptional smuggling talent and taste for calculated risk-taking.

The player is now linked to the Kansas City Chiefs until the end of the 2031 season, this extension comes into effect at the end of his current contract (which has two seasons), 2022.

With AP and AFP