Beijing is transforming Hong Kong hotels into a new national security office

China inaugurated an office in a hotel in Hong Kong on Wednesday that allows its security agents to act openly for the first time in the former British colony, in line with the new national security legislation introduced last week.

China opened its new national security office in Hong Kong on Wednesday, July 8, making a hotel in the city’s commercial district, the Metropark Hotel, its headquarters.

“The central government’s national security body in Hong Kong’s Special Administrative Region was inaugurated on Wednesday morning,” said Chinese official Chine Nouvelle.

A Chinese flag was displayed outside the building and a plaque with the Chinese emblem was installed.

New national security law

Zhang Yanxiong, “hawk,” appointed office manager, and the head of Hong Kong’s executive Carrie Lam, who was condemned by his opponents as a Beijing puppet, attended the opening ceremony at the now ex-Metropark Hotel.

The office will oversee the implementation of the new security legislation introduced by Beijing last week by the local executive director, which plans to punish subversion, terrorism, separatism and cooperation with foreign forces.

This new law allows for the first time the security agencies in mainland China to set up in the special administrative region.

With Reuters and AFP