Brighton – Liverpool 1-3, Salah looks double for the Reds

Mohamed Salah offered a double during the trip from Liverpool to Brighton. The Reds have made a big push.

From the 6th minute, Salah makes his 18th goal of the Premier League season. Nabi Keita serves Firmino on the right, letting the leather slide towards Salah whose flat left foot leaves no chance for Salah. Liverpool took advantage of Brighton’s excitement to drive home the score very quickly.

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Two minutes later, Egypt found their Henderson, whose shot found Ryan’s small net for 2-0. But Liverpool relax just before the break and Trossard takes advantage. On a Lamptey cross, he reduced the score for a volley. 1-2, the score at the break.

The second half started with less naive Saegulls than at the beginning of the game. It does not prevent the Reds from seizing the opportunities. Henderson tries a volley that Ryan, the opposing goalkeeper, catches.

The reds continue to push and it is Salah who will allow Klopp’s men to take off a quarter from the end. The former Roma player knocked on a corner, Robertson signed for 1-3 and carried a final pull to the local people’s ambitions to return to the match.

1-3, this will be the end result. The champion continues his quiet walk in the Premier League until next season.