Covid-19 in the United States: the epidemic without control?

This week Cap Amériques looks back on the management of the krona virus crisis across the Atlantic. Covid-19 continues its rapid and disruptive progression in the United States, which has become the most mournful country on the planet, with more than 128,000 deaths. It now records a quarter of the world’s patients.

The finding is alarming when 53,000 new infections were recorded in just 24 hours last week. Our journalist Laure Manent traces the development of the pandemic in the country.

In the context of this global pandemic, wearing a mask has proven to be one of the most effective controls to limit contamination. Besides, for some, this important tool has not really received a good reception across the Atlantic, just like the barrier gestures. Our international columnist Douglas Herbert decides the management of this health crisis.

While the wearing of the mask was almost equivalent to a political position, Donald Trump returned to the country roads in late June after a three-month break. The president, who is on a new term in November, holds another meeting, even if the audience is not really there. Quite the opposite of Democrats who refuse any idea of ​​a political rally. Our correspondents Mathieu Mabin and Fanny Allard went to investigate in Baltimore.

Finally, on the ground, many elected officials now sound alert to the hospital’s situation. In crowded places, resuscitation services can be overwhelmed. In a country where 28 million Americans cannot afford health coverage, caring for the sick is one of the big issues. The situation is such that Donald Trump has announced the handling of sometimes unreasonable bills.