Harvard and MIT apply for the Trump administration to defend international students

Famous Harvard and MIT universities asked a federal court on Wednesday to block the Trump administration’s decision to revoke visas for foreign students whose courses will remain virtual in September because of Covid-19.

University of the United States refuses to support Donald Trump’s migration policy. Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) asked a federal court Wednesday, July 8, to block the U.S. administration’s decision to revoke visas for foreign students whose courses will remain virtual in September

“We will vigorously defend this case to allow our foreign students – and foreign students from all universities in the country – to continue their education without the risk of being deported,” Harvard President Lawrence Bacow said in a tweet. announces this action.

Donald Trump’s government announced on Monday that it would not allow foreign students to stay in the United States if their university decided to teach online only when the school began due to a pandemic.

On Tuesday, the US president attacked virulently at the prestigious University of Boston, describing as “ridiculous” his decision to maintain all online courses at the beginning of the school year because of a pandemic.

Harvard has nearly 5,000 international students out of a total of 23,000 students. MIT, whose campus is near Harvard in Boston, counts nearly a third of foreign students.

An “arbitrary and terrible” decision

According to the Boston federal court hearing on Wednesday, addressed to the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Police (ICE) and their officials, the Trump administration’s decision “upset Harvard and MIT – and every higher education institution in the United States – in chaos. “

It was taken “without regard to the health of students, teachers, administrative staff and their environment” and leaves “hundreds of thousands of foreign students without the opportunity to study in the United States”, they write. .

To stay afloat, the Trump administration is asking them to be transferred to facilities that will resume face-to-face, “but a few weeks before the school year begins, most of the students cannot.”

According to them, the Trump administration’s decision is “arbitrary and hilarious” and “ignores important aspects of the problem”. It is “an attempt to force universities to resume teaching face-to-face,” regardless of health risks. They ask the court to prevent its entry into force.

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