HRW condemns extraordinary executions of 180 people in Burkina Faso

NGO Human Rights Watch reports that 180 people have been killed in recent months in Djibo, northern Burkina Faso, and claims there is evidence to suggest the involvement of Burkinabè government security forces.

In a report on Wednesday (July 8), Human Rights Watch (HRW) condemned the extraordinary executions of 180 people in recent months in Djibo, northern Burkina Faso, with the involvement of Burkinabe’s armed forces.

“Mass graves containing at least 180 bodies have been discovered in recent months, and available evidence indicates that government security forces are involved in mass without court killings,” the human rights organization said.

According to Djibo residents, the dead, all men, were abandoned in groups of 3 to 20 along the main roads, under bridges, both in fields and vacant plots. These are residents who buried the bodies in mass graves “in March and April”, “with the approval of military and local authorities,” HRW said.

According to the testimony, the majority of the victims were men belonging to the Fulani and Fulani ethnic groups, among whom the jihadist groups that have become bloody Burkina Faso for five years mainly recruit.

Request for impartial investigation

“The Burkina Faso authorities should quickly reveal who made Djibo a place for summary executions,” said West Africa Director HRW Corinne Dufka, quoted in the report. “Existing information points to government security forces, so it is important to conduct impartial investigations,” she said.

In response to these allegations, the government has undertaken to initiate an investigation and declare that these executions may have been committed by armed groups (jihadists, editorial notes) with the help of army uniforms and logistical means stolen during attacks. , according to HRW.

Djibo is located in one of the regions most affected by the jihadist attacks, which have left the country more than 1,100 dead since 2015, forcing nearly a million people to flee their homes.

With AFP