Juventus – Sarri does not want to dwell on this enigmatic defeat

While his team collapsed Tuesday night against AC Milan (4-2), Maurizio Sarri was keen to move on to the next match quickly.

It was enough to stop the communicative joy of Cristiano Ronaldo when he scored Juventus Turin’s second goal against AC Milan, Tuesday night, in San Siro, to understand how much Old Lady was going to strike a big blow. First in Serie A, the team coached by Maurizio Sarri provisionally had a 10-point lead over Lazio Rome and had therefore taken a big step towards the title. But that was before the collapse and lost to Milanese (4-2).

“We don’t think much about this defeat”

At the end of the meeting, Maurizio Sarri did not want to remain on his team’s air gap after the score dropped, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. “We don’t think about the total blackout after the penalty, we have another match in a few days, what happened to other teams during this strange period. After 60 minutes at world level we disappeared from the plan for 15 minutes”, thus entrusted to the transalpine technician.

“This defeat, we don’t think about it too much, for the moment it would be useless (…) Explaining a defeat is never easy, we have a three-day match against Bergamo, we have to stay focused.”, then added the former from Naples. Despite the defeat, Juventus is well on its way to being holy.