Lyon, Aulas felt “fooled in love” by Florian Maurice

Lyon President returned to the departures of Florian Maurice and Grégory Coupet at the microphone for RMC.

Florian Maurice and Grégory Coupet both left the Olympics recently and the head of the Rhone club did not digest these departures.

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“It is true that I had one or more negative words on Flo,” admitted first OL’s big sachem at the microphone on RMC with reference to his tackling of Florian Maurice.

“I got him as a player. See how it went when he left. He came back, I liked him. He’s a boy I got very, very good. A disappointed love. During the confinement, he told me he would go. “He had denied two weeks before. I was desperate. I was cheated lovingly and emotionally. I just hope to have people around me who will work with me all my life,” said Aulas.

Regarding coupon, Aulas delivered its explanation. “For Greg I did not comment. I am sorry he left, but it was he who made the decision to leave. Maybe we did not answer early. But all the coaches of the club were under Rudi’s contract. We wanted to offer him a one-year renewal to fit in with all the other coaches in the first team during this period. “

As a reminder, OL’s former goalkeeper registered for Dijon as a goalkeeper. Maurice went to Stade Rennais to donate the sports director’s suit.