OM, Alvaro Gonzalez: “It is important for Villas-Boas to stay”

The Marseille defender is pleased to see the Portuguese technician and his staff remain at Canebière and is keen to discover the Champions League.

Lent by Villarreal to Olympique de Marseille this season, Alvaro Gonzalez gave himself a second youth on the order of André Villas-Boas. The Spanish defender was an unquestionable holder in the Portuguese coaching system and contributed largely to the good season for OM, second in Ligue 1. Purchased this summer by the Marseille club, the central defender has largely squeezed in pressure so that André Villas -Boas stops when he was cold with the president, Jacques-Henri Eyraud. In an interview with L’Equipe, Alvaro Gonzalez confirmed his support for André Villas-Boas.

OM – Alvaro Gonzalez is thinking big for next season

“For me, it was very important that André Villas-Boas was at the forefront of the team. With Andoni he was the person who trusted me and wanted me to come to the Olympique de Marseille. Andoni’s departure was a difficult moment, because it was crucial for my arrival here and for Andrés. It was he who made our arrival possible. We knew, thanks to him, a very good season. Before I came to Marseille, André had personally called me so that I could come. “, said the Spanish central defender.

“C1 is the only competition I don’t know”

“It was up to us, the players, to do something, for the coach, for the staff that we had a good season with. We all deserve to have fun playing the Champions League together. So we called the coach. I talked to him to discussing his situation, his mood. We concluded that we should all stay and play this Champions League “, added the Marseille defender.

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Alvaro Gonzalez said players pressed Villas-Boas to stay: “I think he, like us, had a fantastic season, he liked to play at Vélodrome, with this crowd. And to play in the Champions League, in this atmosphere, it’s special moments for us, the players. Mister saw him as well, so we tried to convince him to go all in. As for my alternative, Andoni and André always told me, last season, by saying that they were very happy with me and they would buy me. do you have questions. I had a good season here, I wanted to stay. “

The Spaniard is looking forward to discovering the Champions League next season: “I’ve played all club competitions and the Champions League is the only one I don’t know. That’s why I wanted to stay here: to discover this competition at this club and at this stadium. I miss two things: the Champions League and the Spanish selection. And I think this competition can help me get closer to the selection. I would love to come across a Spanish club. I already know all the stadiums and I would have friends in the stands to come and meet me“.