On all fronts, Jean Castex defends his ministers Darmanin and Dupond-Moretti

Health, justice, social partners … The new Prime Minister, Jean Castex, was present on all fronts, on Wednesday and above all his ministers defended Gérald Darmanin and Éric Dupond-Moretti.

Interview on BFMTV / RMC in the morning, questions to the government in the National Assembly and in the Senate, meeting with the social partners, visit to the Bobigny court … Darmanin, who was the subject of a rape complaint.

Jean Castex also announced his trip to Guyana on Sunday, where the Covid-19 virus is actively circulating.

After making a surprise appearance at Ségur de la santé the day before to announce an extension of the envelope devoted to raising wages, and while his government is on Wednesday under fire from parliamentarians, Prime Minister Jean-Jacques Bourdin’s BFMTV and RMC.

“I stand before you, President Macron’s Prime Minister in a unity and cohesion government, with only one concern: action, the crisis to come,” he warned. “I am first and foremost a free man”, although “I know what I am guilty of such and such”, he insisted and accepted “the joint election” with the Head of State for his ministers.

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“I totally assume this designation, [Gérald Darmanin] has, like everyone else, the right to the presumption of innocence, “said the head of government, while the new interior minister, targeted by a rape complaint, had to face anger from feminists, some of whom tried to interfere with the surrender with his predecessor Christophe Castaner by demanding his resignation “Gérald Darmanin would not have been named” if I had looked into the subject in my soul and conscience I would have had the slightest doubt, the smallest question, “he assured.

The head of government also defended Eric Dupond-Moretti, a “formidable” man, appointed Keeper of the Seals so that the “public service of Justice works better” and announced that he was forwarding an increase in the justice budget without specifying the amount. Jean Castex and Éric Dupond-Moretti were expected at 5pm on Wednesday at the Bobigny Court, France’s second largest jurisdiction.

Towards the establishment of a High Commission for Planning

The head of government will also expand on the social front. He wants to gather “social partners” before July 20 “in pension matters in particular after receiving them separately on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 to” agree on a method and a calendar “.

He also said he wanted to “postpone the implementation” of the unemployment insurance reform, which the unions demanded the abolition.

The Prime Minister also wants to set up a High Commission for Planning to “re-educate public actions with a long-term vision” and has not ruled out François Bayrou, head of MoDem, being appointed its head.

The new government took its first steps Wednesday in the heart of the parliamentary arena with the traditional sessions of current issues, at 11am in the National Assembly and then at 3pm in the Senate. Thereafter, MEPs will resume reading the third draft crisis budget.

State Secretary will be appointed soon

The government team is not quite complete, as it will soon welcome “the entry of state secretaries on priority missions”, said Tuesday new spokesman Gabriel Attal to complete this “fight the government”.

Emmanuel Macron set out “four main lines”: “reconstruction” of the country plagued by the coronavirus crisis, “republican patriotism” with defense of the police and the judiciary, better dialogue with partners on the ground and Europe.

The President of the Republic will specify his course for the rest of the quinquennium during an interview on July 14. Then the Prime Minister can submit his general statement to the Assembly.

Until then, the government will meet at a seminar on Saturday morning. At present, it consists of sixteen ministers, fourteen deputy ministers and a secretary of state, most of whom were in the former government.

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