a draft agreement was found, an increase of 180 euros for hospital workers

A draft agreement was found overnight from Wednesday to Thursday at Ségur de la santé, which in the long term entails a monthly increase of € 180 for non-medical hospital staff and employment commitments, which the unions now have to approve. or not.

As part of the “Ségur de la santé”, the Government has submitted a proposal for a minimum net salary increase of EUR 180 per month for public sector hospital staff, excluding doctors.

This agreement, which was found after two days of discussions between the government and union representatives, punctured by a final negotiating session of almost nine hours night to Wednesday through Thursday, provides a two-step increase. An initial revaluation of 90 euros net in September and a second of 90 euros net which comes into effect later.

“We are coming to the end of these discussions, to the decisions that are underway,” the new government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, said on July 2 about France 2. “Organizations are also consulting their base and their members”.

“This is a new priority that has emerged from the crown virus crisis that we have known,” he added, adding that the € 7.5 billion envelope placed on the table by the government for the revaluation of health care was “historic”. “I think it is (…) equivalent to the increases that have occurred over the last thirty years,” added Gabriel Attal.

All paramedical (nurses, care assistants) and non-medical (technicians, carriers, etc.) employees in hospitals and public nursing homes are affected by this measure, with the exception of hospital doctors who are subject to separate negotiations.

The Understanding Agreement, whose final version must be sent to the unions on Thursday at. 12 noon, also includes a review of the grid, that is, the wages provided according to the career path, for some nurses and medical technology professions.

As announced on Tuesday, it also includes a section on employment, with 15,000 jobs in public facilities, half of which correspond to jobs and the other half to recruiting staff who had not previously been filled.

No draft agreement for doctors

The unions, which originally demanded a monthly increase of € 300 for all public sector staff, will have to decide on this agreement in the coming days. For doctors, however, no draft agreement has been presented at this stage, discussions held on Wednesday with the unions of hospital doctors have been blocked for lack of progress on the envelope promised by the government, according to union sources.

Last week, Olivier Véran had proposed a € 600 million envelope for their compensation, including $ 400 million for doctors and $ 200 million for trainees and students. The unions were hoping for an extension to finance new levels at the end of their careers and an increase in allowances for guards and penalties.

With AFP and Reuters