Cesar Academy adopts “full parity” of its decision-making bodies

Five months after an unprecedented crisis, the Caesars Academy on Thursday adopted a deep review of its activities, focusing on internal democracy and gender equality.

The Académie des César announced on Thursday, July 9, that it had adopted a broad reform of its statutes, which emphasized gender equality in particular, five months after an unprecedented crisis in French film and the collective resignation of its leaders.

45e The Cesar ceremony had taken place two weeks later than expected, in the context of great excitement, marked by feminist demonstrations and the departure of actress Adèle Haenel’s hall when Roman Polanski, targeted by charges of rape, is seen as awarding in his absence the award for best performance.

The new statutes therefore include a flagship measure: Cesar’s presidency will in future be secured by a “tandem” of both sexes. “Full parity” must also be strictly observed in the association’s general assembly, its board and its offices. All for two years terms, renewable once.

Simplified operation

Until now, opaque and based on collaboration, Caesar’s function will also be simplified. The 4313 members of the Academy, these personalities and professionals in 7eart that awards the most coveted awards in French film will now be able to present itself and select its representatives for four years in the association that organizes the ceremony.

These newly elected officials will join the French pros who won an Oscar, who were already ex-officio members, as well as other former members who will be requesting the end of July to retain their seats.

Save the institution

When these new bodies are set up, the new leaders will have to deal with a second task: to strengthen the “parity, diversity and representativeness” of the Cesar Academy itself, quickly enough to organize the edition2021.

With this reform, the academy is taking a first step to save the institution, which seems to be in line with the efforts relating to cinema, in France and beyond. “Caesars starts a process that has been going on for a long time across the Atlantic. In 2016, after fierce criticism, the Oscars announced a doubling of their members from both ethnic minorities and women by 2020,” recalls Louise Dupont, cultural columnist at France24. Caesar Academy set itself up for the ceremony in 2021 to achieve its new goals.

With AFP