five million Australians reconfigured, three million cases in the United States

The accelerating global-scale coronavirus pandemic, according to WHO, forces Australia to reconfigure the five million inhabitants of Melbourne, the country’s second city, while the United States has exceeded the threshold of three million people infected.

Since midnight on Thursday, the five million residents of Melbourne cannot leave the home solely for significant reasons due to a new containment, decided after an aggravation of the epidemic due to the coronavirus and this for six weeks.

Police patrols cross Australia’s second city, the epidemic’s main focus with 860 cases, and checkpoints have been built on the major shoulders. Security forces refused to say whether offenders had been arrested or fined.

Cafes, bars, restaurants and gyms that had recently reopened must be closed again. According to Daniel Andrews, Prime Minister of Victoria, where Melbourne is the capital, this is the only possible solution because otherwise, “potentially” there will be “thousands and thousands more cases”.

“The rest of the country knows that the sacrifice you are experiencing is not just for you and your own family, but for the Australian community as a whole,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison also said.

The head of government had announced a few hours earlier that Australia’s return abroad would probably be regulated. In particular, he will propose a reduction in charter flights for their return on Friday.

The border between the state of Victoria, where Melbourne is the capital, and New South Wales were closed Tuesday. City health officials said 134 new cases of Covid-19 were reported on Wednesday. They had reported 191 the day before, a record.

An infection outbreak in the United States

After its divorce from the World Health Organization (WHO), the United States is still the country most affected by the disease, in the number of infections and in the number of deaths.

The epidemic has so far left 132,195 people dead in the world’s leading economic power and 3,046,351 cases of pollution were discovered there on Wednesday evening.

After stabilizing the epidemic in its first outbreak, especially in New York, the country has been exposed to an outbreak of infection in the south and west for a few weeks. Therefore, several states have been forced to shut down their deconfinance process.

President Donald Trump, who on Wednesday called on schools in the country to reopen, denies the reality of this recovery: “The death rate from coronavirus (a) has been divided by ten!”, He tweeted.

The number of cases also rose in Tulsa, Oklahoma, just over two weeks after a campaign meeting organized by Donald Trump in this city, according to local health authorities.

In this tense context, the WHO warned against the likely capacity for the virus to be transmitted by air, especially in public places, that is, in a much more contagious way than was assumed.

An alarming situation in Latin America and the Caribbean

The epidemic continues to rage Latin America and the Caribbean, where more than three million cases of Covid-19 have been registered, of which more than half are in Brazil, the second most affected country, registering 67,964 deaths for 1,713,160 cases but Jair Bolsonaro, its 65 -year-old president, even polluted, remains defiant: “I’m perfectly fine,” he says.

Peru surpassed the 11,000 mark a week after gradually starting deconfinance, and Mexico registered a new daily record with 6,995 cases on Wednesday. And official figures are jumping in Venezuela: more than 1,500 sufferers on June 1, more than 7,000 a month later.

Iran, by far the most affected country in the Near and Middle East, has surpassed 12,000 dead marks, authorities announced on Wednesday.

Africa is still far behind, both in terms of declared pollution and deaths due to Covid-19, but the continent crossed the barrier for 500,000 cases on Wednesday after exceeding 10,000 deaths on July 1.

In Europe, the situation seems to be under control, although the old continent is still the hardest hit by the virus with more than 200,000 deaths, including more than two-thirds in the UK, Italy, France and Spain.

With AFP and Reuters