The Supreme Court approves prosecutors to access Trump’s financial documents

The US Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that a New York prosecutor had the right to view financial documents from US President Donald Trump, including his tax returns. Unlike all of his predecessors since the 1970s, Donald Trump refuses to communicate them.

The US Supreme Court on Thursday July 9 threw a disgusting backlash on Donald Trump, ruling that a New York prosecutor had the right to demand a whole series of financial documents from the president, including his statements on ‘tax’. Currently, however, it has blocked the transfer of these archives to Congress, with a majority of Democrats.

These two decisions, made each time by a majority of seven judges out of nine, should not allow American citizens to know more about the Republican billionaire’s finances before the November 3 presidential election.

The Supreme Court first confirmed that the president did not enjoy “absolute immunity” and that a New York prosecutor could ask him for evidence, in this case, a whole series of financial documents, on his activities between 2010 and 2018, held by his former accounting firm Mazars .

No “immunity” to justice

“No citizen, not even the president, can avoid having to produce documents in the event of a criminal investigation.” “The president does not enjoy absolute immunity from orders from prosecutors for state justice,” she added.

But the investigation is overseen by a grand jury, a collective citizen drawn by parties acting in the utmost secrecy and in theory, nothing should be made public.

In a second judgment, however, the High Court immediately blocked the transfer of comparable documents requested by Congress. She referred this request to the courts and asked the judges to take into account a whole series of criteria when assessing whether Parliament’s decisions were justified.

Donald Trump calls himself a victim of “political prosecution”

Shortly after the Supreme Court ruling, US President Donald Trump said on Twitter that he was a “political prosecution”.

“The Supreme Court is referring the case to a lower court, the procedure continues. They are just political proceedings,” he tweeted.

“I have to keep fighting in a politically corrupt New York city,” he added, referring to the New York Prosecutor who demanded a whole series of financial documents. “Unfair for this presidency and this government!”.The issue of taxes for the US billionaire is of the utmost importance and very sensitive, as the real estate agent has always refused to publish his tax returns, a gesture traditionally made by candidates for the presidency of the United States for transparency. This refusal feeds speculation on the extent of his wealth or on potential conflicts of interest.With AFP and Reuters