Emmanuel Macron asks Israel to abandon the annexation of Palestinian territories

The head of state called Benjamin Netanyahu to refrain from further measures to annex Palestinian territories. Such a project would run counter to international law and jeopardize the possibility of a two-state solution, Elysee insists.

New warning from Paris. Emmanuel Macron asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to abandon all plans to annex Palestinian territories, an endeavor that would damage peace, according to the French president, Elysee reported on Friday, July 10.

“He reminded him of France’s commitment to Middle East peace and asked him to refrain from taking any measures to annex Palestinian territories. He stressed that such a measure would violate international law.”

An “unwavering commitment” to Israel’s security

Under the agreement between Benjamin Netanyahu and his ex-rival Benny Gantz, their unity government can decide on the implementation of the US plan for the Middle East. The plan includes Israel’s annexation of the Jordan Valley and Jewish settlements on the West Bank, a Palestinian territory occupied by the Hebrew state since 1967.

Paris had already warned Israel at the end of June of such annexation that “would affect” its relations with the EU, stressing that Paris remained “determined” to recognize “when the time will come” for the Palestinian state.

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In the same interview on Thursday, Emmanuel Macron reiterated France’s unparalleled commitment to Israel’s security and its determination to work to relieve tensions in the Middle East. He expressed his connection to the friendship and trust that binds France and Israel, says Élysée.

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