The epidemic is accelerating in Latin America and infecting to the top of power

The corona virus continues its development on the American continent, without sparing the most powerful. The Bolivian President and President of the Venezuelan Assembly announced Thursday, July 9, after receiving the virus, a few days after Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

The pandemic continues its ravages in South America. Bolivia’s president and Venezuela’s number two announced Thursday, July 9, after contracting the coronavirus, a few days after Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, while the United States and Mexico have experienced a new daily record of infections.

“I am positive to Covid-19, I am fine, I will work in isolation. Together we will move forward,” Bolivian Janine Añez, who is also a candidate in the presidential election, said on Thursday. September 6.

Three members of his government had said in recent days that they had also been infected. Bolivia, with its 11 million inhabitants, registered 42,984 cases of pollution and regretted 1,577 deaths in connection with Covid-19.

Almost simultaneously, in Venezuela, the president of the National Constituent Assembly and number two of the Presidential Party (PSUV) Diosdado Cabello revealed to have been contaminated. He had canceled his weekly program on Wednesday and said he was “fighting a severe allergy”.

Hydroxychloroquine still praised by Jair Bolsonaro

According to official figures – which would be underestimated by the opposition and several NGOs such as Human Rights Watch – 8,372 cases and 80 deaths have been confirmed in the country. This is much less than in Brazil, the most affected Latin America and others in the world, where the latest assessment on Thursday reported 69,184 deaths and 1.75 million cases.

Its right-wing president, Jair Bolsonaro, openly skeptical of the pandemic and opposed safeguards against the virus, announced Tuesday that he had been infected. He trumpeted two days later that he was “very good”.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the 65-year-old leader has stepped up the crowds, mostly without a mask and shakes hands. On Thursday, he once again advocated the use of hydroxychloroquine, a controversial drug.

New infection record in the United States

The situation continues to worsen in Latin America, with Peru passing the threshold of 11,000 dead Wednesdays or El Salvador whose capital is in a “critical phase” according to Doctors Without Borders. Mexico, for its part, registered a new record of daily cases (+7 280) on Thursday for a total of 282,283 deaths and 33,526 deaths.

Finally, the pandemic in the United States is progressing where a new record of infections was recorded in one day, with more than 65,500 additional cases identified, according to the Johns Hopkins University bill at 8:30 local time. The total number of registered cases now amounts to more than 3.11 million for a total of 133 195 deaths in the country.

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Regarding figures but that remain to be put into perspective according to President Donald Trump. “For the hundredth time, the reason we have so many cases compared to other countries that do no better than us is by far that we test a lot more and better,” the head of Ange said on Twitter on Thursday.

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