trade union majority validates hospital pay agreement

CFDT, FO and Unsa Santé have approved Macron’s government proposal to increase the salaries of hospital staff, excluding doctors, by 180 euros each month. The proposed EUR 7.5 billion agreement also includes new hires.

A majority agreement for increased salaries for hospital staff. On Friday 10 July, three majority unions, CFDT, FO and Unsa, validated the government’s proposed agreement for an amount of 7.5 billion euros.

“A majority agreement for Ségur thanks to the signing of Unsa Social Health for the benefit of agents and employees in health”, announced Friday night on Twitter Laurent Escure, UNSA’s secretary general. “Everything is not settled, but it is a recognition of the caregiver’s commitment!”

The major consultation with Ségur de la santé began on 25 May in the wake of the coronavirus health crisis, in particular to increase the salaries of hospital staff. A memorandum of understanding was found overnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

“Yes, we are committed to this because this agreement is a wage gain,” France Info Laurent Berger, CFDT’s Secretary General, was told this morning. “There are times when you have to quit, it’s time to quit,” he added, pointing to a very positive compromise for public hospital staff.

Force Ouvrière (FO) also indicated, after consultation with its base, that it had been given a “clear mandate” to validate this Memorandum of Understanding. “Still, adding the central to a press release, this re-evaluation protocol is just one step and would not be the balance for any account.”

FO thus believes that the results of this consultation do not yet meet expectations for working conditions, hospital financing and investments.

The agreement, which was validated on Friday night, stipulates that the revaluation of € 180 of monthly salaries for non-medical staff will be done in two steps: next September and next March.

The new Prime Minister, Jean Castex, announced Tuesday evening that he would add a little more than a billion euros to the envelope intended for the hospital’s paramedical staff, ie administrative staff, nurses and nurses, thereby increasing it from 6.4 to 7.5 billions of euros.

With Reuters