Donald Trump commutes to prison for friend Roger Stone

Donald Trump had never hidden his desire to spare the prison from his longtime friend Roger Stone. On Friday, the US president commuted the prison sentence to his ex-adviser convicted of lies in Congress and the subordination of witnesses in the investigation into the Russian involvement.

US President Donald Trump has decided to commute the prison term for his friend Roger Stone, who in February was sentenced to 40 months in prison as part of the investigation into Russian interference during the 2016 US presidential campaign, said, Friday, July 10, the White House.

Roger Stein’s prison, which was convicted in November of congressional lies and the subordination of witnesses, was scheduled to begin next week.

“Today, President Donald J. Trump has ordered executives to commute Roger Stone’s unfair punishment,” added the press release published by the US presidency, adding that the president’s longtime friend, “victim of the Russian hoax,” was now “a free man “.

As soon as the conviction was announced, Donald Trump had declared that he wanted to forgive his 67-year-old former collaborator, a sulfurous political adviser known for his colorful style and his Richard Nixon tattoo on the back.

Through his lawyer, who passed on his statement to the media, Roger Stones says he is “incredibly honored” for this president’s “relief”.

An “abuse of power” for Democratic MP JerryNadler Carolyn Maloney. “No other president has used his mitigation for such a clear personal and self-serving cause,” said the presidents of the House of Representatives’ judicial and supervisory commissions.

Roger Stone, who describes himself as “a regular hitman,” was found guilty of lying to Congress about his contacts with the WikiLeaks organization about hacking Democrats via email during the 2016 campaign. Prosecutors had shown he was lying and intimidating witnesses to protect Donald Trump from embarrassment.

Legal pressure

The New York billionaire had in particular intervened in the legal process by criticizing in tweets the initial recommendations of the prosecutors accused of investigating this case.

He was accused of eradicating the principle of separation of powers and putting pressure on these prosecutors, declaring that his actions were not reprehensible, condemning a “very unfair situation” and a “misrepresentation of justice”.

The prosecutors responsible for the case had withdrawn and the Justice Department’s sentencing recommendation had gone from a duration of 7 to 9 years to a sentence of between 3 and 4 years, finally followed by the federal judge who had sentenced Mr. Stone to 40 months in prison.

Donald Trump had praised his Justice Minister Bill Barr for his intervention and praised him “for taking care of a case that was completely out of control”.

But the latter, embarrassed for intending to guarantee the independence and impartiality of US federal justice, had denied that those comments influenced the decision on his services.

The US president has already been accused of obstructing justice in the Russian investigation, including the dismissal of FBI Director JamesComey, who investigated foreign interference in the 2016 election, at the beginning of his term.

Roger Stone is among the six members of the entourage, more or less close, to the New York billionaire accused or convicted as a result of the Russian investigation.

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