Juve – Sarri: “Atalanta is like going to the dentist”

The Bianconero coach echoed Pep Guardiola’s statement about Dea: it’s a team that gets its opponents hit.

Maurizio Sarri and Juventus are also preparing to challenge Atalanta Bergamo this Saturday night in Serie A, with the goal of taking another step towards the title of champion in Italy. The Italian coach is also cautious about the future opponent of PSG in the Champions League.

“This is an important moment during the season. Atalanta are not a surprise. They played really well during the season. Especially outside”said the former Chelsea coach at a press conference.

“It’s a long time since Atalanta have become a tough opponent for everyone. Pep Guardiola gave the best description of them (last autumn, after playing against Gasperini’s formation in C1). Like going to the dentist. You can do well but you will to feel the pain. It’s a very difficult team to face. “

With seven points ahead of Lazio and nine over Bergamo, Bianconeri would undoubtedly come closer to a ninth crown in a row in the event of a victory. And would erase some surprising defeat against Milan this week.