Lionel Messi equals a Thierry Henry brand

Lionel Messi delivered his 20th crucial pass of the season this Saturday. The Argentine, like his former teammate Thierry Henry, does.

FC Barcelona went to Valladolid lawn on Saturday. In this match, Lionel Messi saw his own on the way to success by offering the ball 1-0 to Arturo Vidal. This assistance was of special importance as it was his 20th season.

Messi has never had 20 assists in a single La Liga season so far. The six-fold Ballon d’Or has therefore reached this symbolic total, including 22 goals. A nice “double” that only one player had achieved in the major European championships during the current century.

Messi became a series ferry

The only one who has taken such a performance before is Thierry Henry. The French striker pulled down 24 goals and delivered 20 assists in practice in the Premier League 2002/03. He was still playing in the Arsenal shirt. As a reminder, the duo played together for three seasons on the Nou Camp side (2007-2010).

To be complete, note that it was against the Levante team that Messi delivered the most passes during his career (15). And his favorite recipient is Luis Suarez. The Argentine striker took advantage of 32 of the offers. In total, the native of Rosario in his career in La Liga has been a decisive passer in La Liga 182 times.