Robert Martinez returns to France-Belgium 2018 again

The coach of the Red Devils has not forgotten the semi-final of the World Cup, which was lost by his players to the French team in Russia.

That was two years ago, almost to the day. The French team, the future world champion, eliminated Belgium in the semi-finals of the Russian World Cup after a match where the Blues will have given control to the Belgians and tried above all not to take the risk too much. Finally, tactics pay off.

“I have already analyzed this match ten times. I even looked at it already when we were still in Russia”, Belgian coach Roberto Martinez remembers today in an interview with Last hour.

“I told the players that France would respect us, that their approach would be very defensive. They would try to make us impatient, get us out of our box to counter with Mbappé. We did not fall into this trap.”

“Pogba’s positioning was extreme”

Martinez still does not imagine how right he was. “I was just amazed to see them so defensive with their best players doing ours. Pogba followed Fellaini all over the pitch. It was extreme. If you can get Pogba to run behind an opponent for 90 minutes, that’s where you surprise. He would also sometimes place himself between the two axial defenders.

“Nine players and the goalkeeper defended. Only Mbappé remained there. The match would have been more beautiful and interesting if we had opened the point. France should have come out of its shell. From 1-0, everything that the French took 20 seconds longer”, he still regrets.

A few days after this elimination, the Red Devils will beat England to take third place, the best course in history for their selection in the World Cup.