Donald Trump wears masks in public for the first time in public

President Donald Trump appeared in public for the first time in a mask on Saturday as part of a visit to injured officials in Maryland after he himself helped make the subject of the dispute politics in a highly polarized America.

President Donald Trump appeared for the first time on Saturday, July 11, wearing a coronavirus protective mask in public, the day the United States registered a new contamination record.

This first masked appearance, during a visit to Walter Reed Military Hospital in the suburbs of Washington, has a strong symbolic value in the country at a time when the epidemic is fully expanding, especially in southern states such as Florida or Texas.

Since the outbreak of the virus, Donald Trump had avoided appearing in public with a mask, although the wearing of this protection is recommended by the US health authorities.

He had thus helped to make this issue a matter of political controversy, since the refusal to wear the mask is seen in part of American society. as an affirmation of the individual freedom of citizens before federal and international authorities.

“It depends on the time”

On Saturday night, Trump put on a dark blue mask to visit wounded combatants at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, near Washington.

“When you talk to soldiers who have just come out of the operating table, I think it’s very good to have a mask,” he told reporters before the visit. “I have never been against masks, but I am convinced that it depends on time and place.”

The United States is by far the country most affected by the pandemic with more than 134,000 dead – 134,729 according to the bill made on Saturday by Johns Hopkins University. According to figures from this University of Baltimore referring, on Saturday the country registered a new record for contamination with 66,528 cases in 24 hours.

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